FACT: eBay's Gross Merchandise Sales (GMS) 2003 - GMS, the whole worth of items sold, was a record $24 billion, representing a 60% year-over-year proliferate from the $15 a billion reported in the awash period of time 2002

Over 79 a million nowadays a day, eBay users brainstorm products and brands of their prize.

In the closing quartern of 2003, reported and gain of 41.2 a million stirring users, up 3.8 a million from the prior one-fourth.

(Exerts from January 21, 2004 - eBay(TM) Inc. Announces Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2003 Financial Results.)

When I read the 2003 Financial Results, the archetypal entity I proposal of is 'what a lot of traffic'.

Think in the region of it 79 million modern times a day those are superficial at the eBay location for products or employment.

And if you imagine anything similar to me ... the close study would be, 'can I actuation every of that accumulation to my site'

The statement is YES!

This scenario is the 'norm" in an car boot sale.

  • Seller lists item
  • people meeting auction
  • some brand bids
  • highest applicant wins (one victor)
  • product sold-out and delivered

Question: What happens to all the associates who visited the jumble sale and didn't bid or bid and didn't win?

Answer:Lost Revenue, Lost Opportunity

It doesn't situation what character of service or service you are commercialism or determine to vend.There are TECHNIQUES that can support you DEVELOP endless flow of traffic, SALES and GENERATE LEADS.

If you use eBay alone as an car boot sale site, after you will trademark a few dollars, a twosome of cardinal if you are number commerce.

Power eBay Sellers cognize that they physical savings comes once you driving force general public from your car boot sale public sale to where on earth of all time else you status to displace them.This of teaching should firstly be to your own website, but you can move them to affiliate sites meet as comfortable.

eBay is more than that a giant epizoon market, you see, eBay auctions attract trillions of TARGETED trade.You don't have to go in hunting of subscribers - they will come up to you.

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