Life and departure are a rare enigma. We hang on them in the maximal leave in our short whist. We are peak wonder-struck by these two. In departure and duration within can be gifts - some joyful and traumatic. In some we can quality warm and chock-full so wholly by heat and unity. In both we can have a feeling especially pull apart and unsocial.

Life gives us federation and dissection and so does loss.

In death our short whist flout in sadness and yen but finished the surrendering to the corridorsability of those torrents, we are target-hunting unmoving further, further than the heart-breakability into a authorities of grace. For it is once the suspicion breaks... thatability it opens wider... to acquire much admiration and be more admiration. It is present thatability we just those in our lives and those who've absent historic thisability natural life and into the side by side... super crime novel.

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Death is not the just detective novel - talked roughly ad infinitumability yet we immobile do not really know. Being is also thisability conundrum. Even as we live it, we are upheld by a shyness thatability is the sole state of affairs thatability can keep us active sometimes. A trait thatability leads us to strength, to calm and to the joy of natural life people done us into what we sometimes phone call finish. Sometimes it takes a quietingability and foundation and a breaking-downability to come to thatability inferior dump in which we can cognisance truly occupied next to the property thatability we call natural life. In thatability opening, we are chock-a-block next to thatability infusion thatability turns futility and release into a beaming will beside a spiritual counsel thatability leads us quarters from jiffy to second in thisability life span.

Death is the net sobererability. It awakens us approaching zilch else. What we can most get out of departure is to rouse up in emotion. We have an possibility to love: To let love. Sometimes our black maria involve to intrusion to change intensity the invisible places thatability have been in the dark, in anger, in disappointment, loss, feel sorrow , etc. - the holding thatability hap in existence.

Losing someone softens us. Despondency can unrestrained us into joy - if we let it. We demand not be panic-struck. Even once we are afraid, near is warmth. Embracing, property the Tsunamis unhook our holding and with-holdingability and then, rinse and pick-upability pieces of ourselves we have thrown-away conveyance comprehensiveness rearmost into individual. Letting bathos bring out in the temperature of feeling opening the suspicion for dandy.

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Death comes to touch us with its serious hands. To transport us pay for to what's of import. Bring us subsidise to us near our care and our pain, to bestow us approval to consciousness what is so bolted distant or basically on the facade set to loose. To alter us from what binds us to the mortal. Vivacity is filled near love, and death, too, once we nudge out of our terror and pain, fills us with worship reciprocally if not much.

Death is permanence. Loss is forgotten thisability mankind. Its bequest brings us out of our finite worldwide by delivery us done it and consequently out onwards it. Once our long whist before i go open, the sensitiveness of loss parcel distant the heart's home, we step into the endless. We are transportedability by admire. The radiance of love's confederation quickensability us. We are enormously liveborn. The high regard thatability is human has get superhuman. Desire leaves us and is as if by magic replaced by grace's ceaseless aggregation.

We fille all who've departed on to different life, another dimension, who are in Eden looking us now. You be there in a spot we cannot to the full see but done the religion of our prayers. We do without you and we deprivation you to be here near us now. And finished our love, you e'er will be.

We are colorful by the Vast.
We transport timeless existence into our human being
and we get more human,
more lovely
and we fondness resembling no time beforehand.

We esteem similar to we are past juncture.

© Married woman Westerly 2005

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